Steps for Enjoying Troubleshooting!!

In order to enjoy solving any problem successfully, we have to follow the most practical steps which lead to solving the problem excellently, quickly and without tension. In our opinion such steps shall be as follows:
Specifying the problem by recognizing its subject matter, type, size, losses caused by it and risks that may arise if it remains unsolved. It is impossible to solve the problem without understanding its essence and repercussions!
Specifying the real causes of the problem, this important procedure constitutes half of the solution. Relying on fictious causes will lead to fictious solutions and this is the biggest prank and the best example of irrelevancy.

Stop feeling anxious when facing problems, if the problem has a solution , then there is no need for worrying , if the problem has no solution , then there is no benefit to worrying , taking into account that the occurrence of any problem is not the end of the world, in fact, problems have great benefits for all human beings, anybody’s problem is everybody’s solution, cause problems to your car by negligent and frivolous driving, a mechanic and spare parts shop will generate income therefrom, even the thief, who creates problems through committing theft crimes, creates jobs for judges, lawyers, prosecutors and police personnel.

Reviewing different laws relating to the problem, for example some solutions may not be accepted by the applicable law; hence, there is no need for reaching a solution that may lead us to prison!

Drawing the total picture of the problem for the purpose of clarifying components and causes of the problem precisely from all sides, taking into account that drawing a partial picture for the problem will not allow us to reach the total solution.

Adopting optimistic and positive spirit when facing the problem as domination of pessimistic and negative spirit will lead, from the start, to despair and close all doors to solutions!

Adopting comic and merry spirit and having fun with work during facing the problem as anxiety and tension paralyze innovative thinking and imagination and lead directly to complete failure!

Adopting persistent and insistent spirt, repeating attempts, learning from errors and not stopping when colliding with failure as repeated and failed attempts pave the way for the complete success.

Using logical and objective thinking style in solving the problem which is based on linking cause to effect without any emotional bias as emotional bias is the biggest self-deception because it prevents us from reaching any successful practical solution!

Using the creative imagination style through meditating on the problem from outside the box in order to reach cheap and fast creative solutions and avoid expensive and slow traditional solutions taking into account that imagination is the greatest maker and developer of reality as all revolutionary inventions, which solved the biggest human problems, started as mere imaginations in the inventors’ minds!

Entering to thinking and imagination studio which is any place suitable for collecting, discussing and analyzing the information of the problem and reaching solutions such as a meeting room and we can choose quite or noisy atmosphere as we like!

Making decisions about the ability to solve the problem, cost of solution and time required for making and executing the solution, this requires answering many questions such as can we solve the problem on our own or refer it to a specialized expert? how much does the expert cost? What is the required time for solving the problem by the expert?
Choosing multiple practical solutions to the problem and making comparisons between them in respect of cost and period required for making and executing each solution.
Choosing the best solution to the problem, usually the best solution is the easiest, fastest cheapest and prettiest one, don’t be astonished there are very pretty solutions and there are very ugly ones. We must always remember that the international experts, who participated in many international economic conferences, have repeatedly confirmed that the skill of fast solution to complicated problems is the most requested skill in all international labour markets.

Executing the best practical solution to the problem through finding practical means that allow us to get rid of the causes of the problem and produce the benefits of the successful solution.

Monitoring and assessing the executed practical solution in order to ensure its complete success in solving the problem and that it does not cause any hidden new problem!

When we apply all the above steps successfully, the best solution comes out automatically from the heart of the problem and says zealously to everyone of us: welcome, I am the best solution in your hands!

Our motto shall be, at any time and in any place: we do not search for problems, but when any problem faces us, we face it with courage and optimism and enjoy trying to solve it, then we burst into laughter when we succeed in solving it at the end of the day and our voice will say with great joy: one laughter in the air is better than any medicine or healthcare!!

Consultant\Faisal Ali Addabi

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