Solution to the Problem of Blocking the Deceased’s Account

Summary of the Problem: A Super rich bank client died suddenly leaving a bank account containing a huge amount of money, even before the end of the funeral ceremonies, the deceased’s heirs, who suffer from extreme poverty, decided to move quickly in order to collect the huge amount of money available in the deceased’s bank account and they started to dream of moving from rags to riches even if this afflicted them with sudden wealth syndrome which makes the parvenu behave in an unnatural manner, but the complicated practical problem, which faces the heirs and deter realization of their dreams, is the fact that they have no idea about the legal and banking procedures requested for achieving their great aim and are afraid of losing much time in trying to take and finalize the red tape which may not end unless after the death of some poor heirs. The important question is: How to help these poor heirs to realize their dream and collect the huge funds available in the deceased’s bank account?

Summary of the Solution: The heirs can take the requested legal and banking procedures on their own if they can do so; otherwise, they can appoint a lawyer, financial consultant, executor or administrator as the case may be to take such procedures, we can help with providing a solution through clarifying the requested legal and banking procedures applicable in many countries as follows:

Upon notification of the client’s death, the bank usually changes the account name to estate account, block all amounts available in the account and does not allow withdrawal of a single pound or riyal or dollar from the blocked account until the heirs provide the bank with the originals of following formal\official documents:

Valid ID and passports for proving identity of each heir , client’s death certificate, certificate of succession and valid power of attorney if there are multiple heirs who appointed one of them or any other person to legally represent them taking into account that the said formal\official documents must be officially attested by the relevant embassies and ministries of foreign affairs if such documents have been issued in foreign countries , the purpose of official attestation of formal foreign documents is to prevent forgery and fraud crimes.

After providing the bank with the originals of the aforesaid official documents and accepting them by the bank’s Legal Department, the bank’s Finance and Operation Departments will unblock the account after deducting the applicable banking fees and enable the heirs to withdraw the money from the account and realize their dream , under all circumstances, the bank must return the originals of the official documents to the heirs and retain copies thereof for evidential and record purposes , then , and only then, the heirs will take a deep breath and their spokesman will says without batting an eyelash: the problem of the rich legator’s death is the only solution to his\her poor relatives’ problem !!

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