Solution to the Problem of the Dangerous Chinese Pen!!

The Chinese pen!!

Summary of the Problem: One day, Qatar Central Bank warned all banks operating in the State of Qatar and ordered them to take the utmost care of the dangerous Chinese pen which looks like any ordinary pen put its ink has pungent smell and that the risky Chinese pen can be used by fraudsters in Qatar and other countries for committing the most serious fraud and forgery crimes.

I can imagine using the Chinese pen for committing serous fraud and forgery crimes, the following ones just jumped to my mind:

A client signed a manager cheque for a bank, left the country and headed to an unknown destination, his signature disappeared after a few hours and the big amount due to the bank from the client had gone with the wind!!

A fraudulent groom signed the marriage contract by using the Chinese pen, after the passing of a few hours the bride had faced the biggest prank in her life, the groom’s signature and the groom himself disappeared without leaving a trace!!

An indifferent student used the Chinese pen and answered all questions in the exam, he got the biggest shock in his life when he discovered that all his answers vanished into thin air and he got big zero!!

The most important local and international question is: How can we provide a decisive solution to the problem of the magic Chinese pen and help people to get rid of any possible risks?

Summary of the Solution: this is a very strange problem indeed; I think the solution to this weird problem is as follows: you have to be very careful; you must use your nose for sniffing the pungent smell of the Chinese pen ink and stop using it for writing or signing any paper. If your sense of smell is not good enough, then the only solution is to seek help from a friend or populace if necessary !!

Passing remark: what will happen in this world if the Chinese criminal manufacturers invented an ink for the criminal Chinese pen quite similar to the ink of the ordinary innocent pen? I must say: I have no answer to this serious question! Can anyone answer this dangerous question?!!

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