Prank of Free Marriage in the US and Japan!!

She said to me after letting out a small laugh: have you heard the latest and funniest piece of news which spread on the mass media and sounds like a funny joke? Before I replied, she let out a bigger laugh and said:

The strangest two showrooms in the world have been inaugurated, one of them in the USA and the other in Japan, the two showrooms are specialized in facilitating the free marriage , each showroom consists of four floors and in front of each showroom, there is a signboard on which the future wife’s qualifications are written in bold letters, but there is a sole condition imposed on every man who wants to choose which read as follows: Each man must choose his better half from one floor only  and if he goes upstairs without choosing , then he will be completely forbidden from choosing from the lower floors!

A man   came and read the nice signboard erected in front of the first floor which says: beautiful jobless women, ready to work at home, and ready to emotionally participate in establishing a happy big family!! The man decided not to choose and went upstairs!

the man read the cute signboard placed in front of the second floor which contains the following: very beautiful workwomen, small salaries and ready to financially take part in establishing a small family!! The man decided not to choose and went upstairs!!

The man   read the beautiful signboard erected in front of the third floor which contains the following sentence: very beautiful women, senior managers, very big salaries, not ready to give birth and raise children (no time for that)!! The man decided not to choose and went upstairs!!!

The man read the red signboard hanged in front of the last floor and found out that it contains the following decisive sentence: There are no women on this floor at all, you are the idiot man number 300 million, now, you joined those idiot men who lost a golden chance to find their soul mates and exposed themselves to the biggest prank in life by insisting on searching stubbornly and stupidly for a target that does not exist in this world!!!!

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