Solution to the Problem of Love Crimes in Egypt!!

Summary of the Problem: In less than three months, the third love crime has been committed in Egypt!!
The First Crime
On 20, June, 2022, a student at Mansoura University called Mohammad Adil slaughtered his colleague Naira Ashraf on the main street, in front of the University and in front of many witnesses because she rejected his marriage proposal, the criminal court sentenced him to death and his lawyer filed an appeal against the judgment!
The Second Crime
On 9, August, 2022, and in Zagazig city, a student called Islam Mohammad, killed student Salma Bahgat, by stabbing her 17 times on the main street and in front of many witnesses because she rejected his marriage proposal, the Attorney General has referred the case to the criminal court!
The Third Crime
On 5, September, 2022, and in Monufia Governorate, a young man called Ahmed Fathi, 30-year-old, murdered a girl called Amani Abdul-Kareem, 20-year-old, university student, by opening fire on her from a pistol because she rejected his marriage proposal, later on, the killer committed suicide by shooting himself with the same weapon he used to murder his victim!
We notice that the essential ingredients of the three murder crimes have been proved as follows (1) the physical element , represented in acts of slaughtering, stabbing and opening fire, (2) the mental element, represented in the criminal intention of murder , it is inferred from dealing the blow to the chest , back and head with a dangerous weapon and (3) the causal link which means that the acts of slaughtering, stabbing and opening fire have directly caused the murder of the three victims . The main question here is what is the solution to the love crimes which remarkably spread in Egypt in the recent time?!
Summary of the Solution: the youth in Egypt must understand that there is no heroism in murdering girls who reject their love or marriage proposals, in fact, the commission of murder crime for this reason represents top of stupidity, crime is useless under all circumstances, the conclusive proof is that one of the three murders committed suicide and it is probable that the other two will be executed. In the end and based on our practical legal experience, we confirm that the best solution to problem of rejecting love or marriage proposals is that any young man shall accept rejection gracefully, learn from the previous mistakes and search for a new relation with any other girl taking into account that girls are available at any time and place !!

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