Solution to the Problem of having no Problem!!

Summary of the Problem: the biggest paradoxes in life are that non-existence of any problem for any person leads to the existence of a new problem to that person, and the irony is that the problem of having no problem starts as a very small problem and then it grows little by little until it becomes the biggest problem!! One of the readers may say to me mockingly: hey man, are you serious or are you just joking? how come the non-existence of a problem leads to the existence of a new problem, this is a mere sophistry, let me tell you that if you just try to philosophize, I assure you that your philosophy is not acceptable at all because it is unreasonable and illogical!! But I will reply to this attacking reader stubbornly and say: with due respect, I totally disagree with you and I will logically prove that the non-existence of a problem equals the existence of a new problem. I submit my logical reply as follows:
Firstly: the existence of the problem moves the grey matter in the brain for the purpose of finding a solution, the grey matter will be afflicted with laziness and may be afflicted with atrophy and die at the end of the day if they are forced to retire early!!
Secondly: the existence of the problem moves all muscles in the body and the person who tries to solve the problem moves forwards and backwards, consequently the body exercises automatic sport, the non-existence of the problem stops movement of the body after exposing muscles and joints to compulsory retirement!!
Thirdly: the existence of problems moves the financial cycle as solutions are usually provided in consideration of money, for example, if your car breaks down, you and the others will financially benefit when your car is fixed after paying money to the mechanic and the spare parts shop, accordingly, the non-existence of problems will stop the economic cycle which is beneficial to all.
Fourthly: the existence of problems put an end to the void as solving the problems takes time, consequently, the non-existence of problems equals the void, and the void causes the biggest damages as it may lead the person to addiction, addition to any unhealthy and bad things!!

Summary of the Solution: I do not say to any person: dear, get out of your home and search for problems, the problems will automatically come to you and without invitation, thank God, there are a lot of problems and they are various and available at any time and place, but do not try at all to run away from the problems and request others to solve them on your behalf, if you do so, you will be afflicted with Alzheimer’s, paralysis, bankruptcy and addition at the end of the day. Under all circumstances, it is better for you to personally embrace each problem and solve it nicely and without tension, because this is the only way of exercising mental sport, physical sport, financial sport and health sport which achieve the biggest personal gains for you and all others.

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