What does the world benefit from watching the British Queen’s Funeral!!

The British Queen Elizabeth 11, 96-year-old died a few days ago, and all global TV channels are very busy displaying different scenes of her royal funeral on an hourly basis and try not to miss any tiny details relating to the official or unofficial British mourning.

Some people, from all over the world, may say there is no benefits whatsoever from watching the said British royal funeral and watching it is just a waste of time!!

Other people, from all over the world and I am one of them, say: we think that there are many benefits from watching the British royal funeral and these benefits can be numerated and displayed as follows:

The British royal funeral was well-organized, nothing had been left to chance, everything was put in place including the majestic death parade and the traditional military show to the extent that any envious politician, who has been deprived of appearing on TV due to the continuous coverage of the Queen’s demise , may wish to die and have the same respectable and glorious funeral, in fact, all the scenes that surrounded the funeral reflected the British people’s deep respect and love to the late queen, the lesson which can be extracted therefrom is that precise organization in life or death is required.

Crowds of British citizens, who stood in the streets, fields and playgrounds to say goodbye to the queen of England, showed their grief for the queen’s death quietly and politely and some of them put flowers in certain places in silence, no people were crying or yelling, no people were hitting themselves with iron bars or wooden sticks, British officials were behaving in the same way, the lesson which can be extracted therefrom is that patience in case of life or death is always required.

The British formal and informal keen interest in organizing, attending watching the royal funeral proved that the British, who defend democracy and want to spread it all over the world, respect monarchy irrespective of the fact that the king and queen in the UK own but they do not govern, the lesson which can be extracted therefrom is that politics shall respect the prevailing social traditions and religious cultures as such conduct impliedly means respecting the people’s feelings which shall not be ignored under any circumstances.

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