Solution to the Problem of Shopping Madness !!

Summary of the Problem: Shopping madness or oniomania or shopping mania or shopping addiction occurs when any human being, who suffers from any psychological pressure, makes unreasonable purchase transactions under which he\she buys unnecessary goods and luxuries in order to get rid of that psychological pressure.

Risks of oniomania are numerous such as: repetition of unreasonable purchase transactions because of failure to get rid of the psychological pressure, waste of goods as most of them will go into the trash bin, facing debts and civil and criminal cases, and facing bankruptcy. So, what is the practical solution which enables us to get rid of the shopping madness and avoid all risks that may arise therefrom?

Summary of the Solution: we can solve the shopping madness problem through taking the following ten practical procedures:

Firstly: understanding the risks of random spending and that the best function of money are reasonable spending, balanced saving, diversified investment and voluntary contribution and payment of taxes in full

Secondly: getting rid of any severe psychological pressure resulting from a failing marriage or divorce or otherwise through outdoor exercises

Thirdly: escaping quickly from traditional and electronic markets and not going thereto unless for buying minimum of essential goods and not purchasing any luxuries

Fourthly: escaping quickly from reduction of sales as there is no benefit from buying goods approaching their expiry dates

Fifthly: escaping quickly from banks and not obtaining loans for the purpose of making a tourist journey or buying a new luxurious car

Sixthly: getting rid of big refrigerators and keeping a small one at home to the extent that the storage capacity will become limited

Seventhly: preparing a short list for the required essential goods before going to any market and not buying anything which is not included thereon

Eighthly: going to market without pushing a big shopping cart

Ninthly: avoiding immediate purchase of any expensive good in one market , adjourning the purchase for at least seven days and comparing its price in several markets as price of the same good may vary in various markets and the requested good may be bought at a very low price in other market

Tenthly: paying in cash when buying any essential goods and letting credit and debit cards sleep at home or hotels in order to avoid random spending .

After applying the above ten commands, the person who succeeded in getting rid of oniomania can let out a triumphant laugh and say to himself\herself: one laugh in the open air is better than any medicine or healthcare !!

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