Solution to the Problem of Investment without any Capital !!

Summary of the Problem: As a matter of fact, there is a global unemployment problem in all countries of the world, this chronic problem is undoubtedly a big and serious one as it may lead to other serious problems such as crime problem and human trafficking problem!!

If you ask some unemployed persons about the reason of their unemployment, you may hear many answers such as: we have certificates but public jobs are not available!! Or we cannot do a private job or make a private investment because we have no capital taking into account that banks do not grant personal loans unless after obtaining strong guarantees and we have no guarantees!! Our problem is continuous as there are no practical prompt solutions thereto.

The most important international and local question can be asked as follows: is there any practical solution to the serious problem of unemployment and the noisy problem of non-availability of capital ?!

Summary of the Solution: we can say that any problem in this world has a solution and we think that the best and easiest solution to the problem of unemployment is investment in human mind or self-investment or investment in personal preferable hobbies or investment in personal talents and skills which are available in humans one way or another.

This free or semi-free personal investment does not require any capital, yes, investment in head does not need capital, and it is a very free work which does not subject to any restrictions of public and private works , no attendance record, no absence record, no dominating boss as you are the boss of yourself at all times, and you choose your personal working hours freely as there are no official long and boring working hours , there is no dismissal or compulsory retirement , yes there is nothing better than self-investment , is there any work in the world better than the self-investment? I do not think so!!

Let us move ahead together now, let us invest in our personal talents, hobbies and skills, we can pursue our lovely hobbies, get money therefrom and get rid of the unemployment problem, yes, we can do many nice free works such as the following ones:

Online kitchen and bakery: all humans are fond of filling their bellies with at least three meals a day, this instinctive hunger needs continuous satiation and we can make use of it on a continuous basis, if we have cooking hobby or baking hobby, we can exploit it through making videos, publishing them on YouTube and gaining money from billions of people who are fond of watching eating and drinking channels.

Online singing, dancing and playing music: most humans love singing, dancing and playing music and they are ready to pay billions in order to satisfy these nice artistic needs, if we have singing, dancing or playing music hobbies, we can make use of them through making videos, publishing them on YouTube and making much money from billions of people who love watching amusement channels

Online culture, sport and comedy: Most humans are curious and they love reading and watching daily different news and stories, most humans, especially the youth, love watching funny comedies and sporting movements, why don’t we make use of that, yes, we can easily earn a lot of money from pursuing these beautiful hobbies, how can we do that? Okay, if we have writing hobbies we can create WordPress blogs, if we have sport hobbies, we can make sport videos and publish them on You Tube and if we have comedy talents, we can make Tick Tock or Shorts funny videos and say merrily to the entire world: One laughter in the air is better than any medicine or healthcare !!

Even if we have no internet, we can pursue our hobbies in reality and earn money therefrom, for instance, writing hobby just needs a head, pen and paper and nothing else and cooking hobby just needs a head, pan and scoop and nothing else, there is no excuse whatsoever for not investing in our hobbies, talents and skills which only need our heads and do not need any capital, why don’t we do that now? Why don’t we take the first step in the right direction and invest in ourselves in order to get rid of the unemployment problem forever ?!!

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