The Winner of Prize of the best Hospital in the World!!

He said to me: to my great dissatisfaction, uncle Google confused me so much; I asked Google the following question: Which is the best hospital in the world? To my surprise, uncle Google provided me with many contradictory answers !! the British say: (The best hospital in the world is British), the German say: (the best hospital in the world is German), the Russian say: (the best hospital in the world is Russian) and they add that no one in this world is better than anyone else!!

I said to him with the utmost earnestness: hay my friend, forget about Google, I have the decisive answer to this important global question, and I would like to provide you and the entire world’s population with the answer on a plate of gold as follows:

If we want to discover the best hospital in the world, we have to make the following global experiment:

Firstly: Let us chose any excellent hospital in any highly advanced country in the world

Secondly: let us make walking and running track around that excellent hospital

Thirdly: let us import to that hospital patients from the most backward countries in the world (hopeless cases), encourage those patients to exercise three times a day and allocate memorial prizes to the winners (no need for any injections or pills)!!

Fourthly and finally: let us discover the results of this unique global experiment after one month only, the excellent hospital will vanish into thin air and the track will remain, the patients will utterly disappear, the able-bodied persons will remain, and the entire world will discover that daily exercise in the open air is the best treatment in the world and that the walking and running track is the best hospital in the world which deserves the title of the unchallenged winner of the first prize of the best hospital in the world !!

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