Solution to the Problem of Government Intervention in Women’s Clothes!!

Mahsa and Lubna

Summary of the Problem: Some governments intervene in people’s clothes and especially in women’s clothes in an arbitrary manner through the so-called religious police or social police which have special laws enacted by the said governments. Usually, wide and direct local and international reactions take place after the occurrence of any such incident, such reactions are usually represented in local protests and demonstrations, international protests and demonstrations, international condemnations from many states, condemnations from the United Nations and condemnations from the local and international human rights organizations. It is worth mentioning that repetition of such locally and internationally unacceptable official interventions usually leads to imposing international blockades and penalties on the governments which insist on involving in such unwanted and undesirable official interventions.

International examples:

First example: the previous Sudanese government, which has been overthrown by the Sudanese revolution, established the so-called public order police and provided them with the so-called public order law and videos of flogging Sudanese women spread worldwide, a young Sudanese lady called Lubna was convicted for wearing a trousers , such incident was met with the greatest international condemnation and biggest international irony !! may be Lubna’s trousers had indirectly led to overthrowing the previous Sudanese government

Second example: the Iranian religious police hit and killed a young lady called Mahsa Amini for not wearing a headscarf properly!! Wide and continuous protests and demonstrations are still taking place in Iran and 35 demonstrators have been killed according to official statistics.

Summary of the Solution: There are only two practical solutions to this problem which directly lead to achieving local settlement and avoiding international condemnations and penalties, and these two solutions are as follows;

Firstly: canceling all private laws which allow the governments to arbitrarily intervene in people’s clothes as such laws are contrary to the human rights laws relating to equality, personal freedom, and freedom of belief which have already been signed by all governments including those governments which involve in unacceptable interventions against the peoples

Secondly: Dissolving the so-called religious or social police and not resorting to governmental violence against the people as violence begets violence, taking into consideration that the main duty of every modern government is providing security, supporting economy and executing the international commitment of defending public freedoms and human rights and not chasing people in the streets by reason of not wearing a special cloth defined and imposed by the government on ground of any social, racial , sexual or religious basis.

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