The Strangest Crime: Murder for not Saying: Thank you!!

In 2003, and in the beautiful, quiet and peaceful New Zealand, Verges, 36-year-old hit his brother Kraig 33-year-old while he was sleeping in the first floor 8 times with an axe in the neck and killed him. Then, he went down stairs and coldly told his mother that he had killed his brother!!

When asked about the reason for killing his brother, Verges coldly said he was very upset because his brother had not thanked him for preparing the dinner the day before!! everyone was surprised at that very strange motive. It is known that the crime of premeditated murder is usually committed on grounds of famous motives known all over the world such as motives for robbery or rape, but killing a human being for not saying thank you is definitely the strangest and unheard-of motive.

Legal analysis: the crime of premeditated murder is the most serious crime against the human body and is legally classified as a major crime. To prove the crime of premeditated murder, 4 legal elements must be proved without a reasonable doubt as follows: The First Element: the criminal intent : that is to say , the availability of intention to kill , the intention to kill is a mental matter and it cannot be seen with the naked eye but it can be inferred from the instrument used for committing the crime and the targeted organ in the body , for example , the criminal intent of premeditated murder is presumed if the accused stabbed the victim with the knife five times in the chest , The Second Element : the criminal act: it means committing a criminal act such as hitting, stabbing , firing bullets and the like , The Third Element : the causation : it means the existence of a causal link between the criminal act and the intended criminal result which is the premeditated murder , that is to say , the criminal act has directly caused the victim’s death without any intervention from any external element which breaks the causal link and the Fourth Element : non-availability of any legal defense which negates the criminal liability such as the right of self-defense , for example there will be no premeditated murder in case of exercising the right of self-defense within the legal limits prescribed by the criminal law .

Judgment in the case of premeditated murder for not saying thank you: the accused, Verges was tried before the criminal court, the accused confessed of committing the crime of premeditated murder and after proving the four legal elements of the crime, the criminal court convicted him and he was penalized by life imprisonment.

Legal warning : crime is useless, crime does not constitute any solution to any problem and in most cases, criminals are arrested and penalized, oh, man, help people, do a favor, throw it into the sea and do not wait for any gratitude from any person as the noblest conduct in life is assisting people not obtaining their thanks!!

Faisal Ali Addabi\Advocate

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