Solution to the Problem of the Lawyer’s Ram

Summary of the Possible Problem:

Let us assume that you are not a lawyer, judge or prosecutor, and that you have another profession such as doctor, engineer or merchant. Let us imagine that a legal problem has arisen between you and the lawyer, for instance, a dispute over a contract. The main question is: How can you resolve the problem? Do you think that it is better for you to go to court and file a case against the lawyer?!!

Summary of the Best Solution:

Let me tell you this joke before I give you a free legal advice on the best way of resolving the problem!! Two persons met in the street, the first person curiously asked the second person and said to him: what have you done with the ram that butted you?!
The second person replied bitterly: I filed a case against the ram that butted me and its owner and I claimed compensation for the damages caused to me by the ram, but the court dismissed the case, the reason is: It appeared that the ram’s owner was a lawyer, the lawyer defended his ram in front of the court and proved that I was the one who butted his poor ram!!

Now, let me give you a free legal advice as follows:

Firstly: You have to presume that the lawyer is a very good legal actor on stage, he is an expert in substantive and procedural laws and he is specialized in exploiting legal loopholes which can dismiss the case or adjourn it forever, therefore fighting the lawyer in his own field is not a good idea at all!!

Secondly and finally: if you are eager to save your time, money and effort, the best thing for you under all circumstances is to resolve the problem with the lawyer amicably outside the court, and there is no other suggestion better than this one

Faisal Ali Addabi\Advocate

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