The latest Developments in the Murder case of Mansoura Female Student

Summary of the merits of the case:

On 20, June, 2022, a student at Mansoura University called Mohammad Adil slaughtered his colleague Naira Ashraf on the main street, in front of the University and in front of many witnesses because she rejected his marriage proposal.

Summary of the Procedures and Judgment

The Egyptian Public Prosecutor referred this case, which shocked the Egyptian public opinion, to Mansoura Criminal Court. A medical report was issued confirming that the accused was of sound mind at the time of committing the crime. 25 witnesses testified against the accused. The court convicted the accused of premeditated murder, issued a preliminary death sentence against him and referred it to Egypt’s Grand Mufti. The Grand Mufti had approved the death sentence and Mansoura Criminal Court issued the final verdict on 6 July 2022 and sentenced the accused to death by hanging. The accused’s lawyer filed an appeal in cassation against the final verdict in front of the Egyptian Court of Cassation within the 60-day period prescribed for filing appeal in cassation and the Court of Cassation set a date on 26 January 2023 for issuing the judgment.

Legal opinion on the case

Legal warning: crime is useless, in most cases, criminals are arrested, tried, convicted and penalized. In this particular case, we notice that the four legal elements of the crime of premeditated murder, which are criminal intent, criminal act, causation link and non-availability of any legal defense on the accused’s side, have been proved beyond a reasonable doubt, therefore, the final verdict is completely correct as it has been issued in line with the applicable law and in accordance with a good weight of evidence.

Faisal Ali Addabi\Advocate

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