The Fastest Solution to the Problem of Changing Old Wife

Funny Troubleshooter حلال المشاكل المرح

Summary of the problem

An English book was issued , its title was : How to change your wife within 30 days?!! two million copies were sold within only one week!!

Later on, the writer apologized and confirmed that there was a mistake , the title of the book had to be corrected!! the title of the book was corrected to: How to change your life within 30 days ?! only 3 copies were sold within one month!!

Summary of the solution

Oh , husband , do not be so greedy !! there is no solution to this problem !! can you accept the title if it is addressed to wives and says: How to change your husband within one month?!!

Faisal Ali Addabi\Advocate

Funny Troubleshooter

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