Solution to the Problem of Dealing with Argumentative Person

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Summary of the Problem:

Who is the argumentative person?! He or she is the person who always loves to hear his\her own voice and hates hearing any other voice, he or she is the person who thinks he \she is always right and that he\she monopolizes the absolute truth , he or she is the person who get great pleasure from hurting and insulting other people , do not be naïve , do not be a time-waster and try to convince him\her to change his\her mind, the argumentative person will never listen to your voice when you speak to him\her because at the same time, the argumentative person will be very busy preparing his voice for his\her next vehement vocal attack against you, such a person never endeavors to reach any fact , his\her only aim is to prove that he or she is always the sole winner, the sole hero in any vocal battle!!

The most annoying question is as follows: how can you get rid of the argumentative person in a polite manner ?!! how can you practically deal with such hostile vocal phenomenon?!!

Summary of the Solution:

The most effective and practical solutions to the problem of dealing with the argumentative person are as follows:

Firstly: Trying to avoid disputable topics or stop the argumentative person from starting an argument over any subject whatsoever will definitely be a failing attempt as such person’s favorite hoppy is to make a mountain out of a molehill and get great happiness from hurting and insulting other people, so, if the argumentative person starts arguing over any matter from scratch , you can simply refuse to argue and try to stop the argument by saying to him\her: without going into any details, what you say is completely right but I have my different opinion on the matter for very confidential personal reasons which I do not want to disclose to anyone under any circumstances!!

Secondly: If the argumentative person goes on arguing, then try the logical and humanitarian approach, tell him\her that all people go to the same market but everyone buys a different thing, pay the price and come out from market smiling and that according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, all humans have equal natural rights and freedoms, such as freedom of choice and freedom of believe and that you respect his\her opinion and likewise he\she should respect yours!!

Thirdly and finally: If the logical and humanitarian short lecture fails to achieve your aim and the argumentative person does not stop arguing, then, you can teach him a practical lesson by leaving him\her alone after making any excuse as you do not need to stay in touch with a person who hurts or insults you, such a person deserves to be left alone by you and all other people in order to learn the importance of respecting other people’s feelings and thoughts. It goes without saying that your best option is to be with nice people who can spread happiness in your life and run away as soon as possible from argumentative persons who can fill your life with unwanted and undesirable sadness

Advocate\Faisal Ali Addabi

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