Solving the New UK PM’s Biggest Problem!!

Funny Troubleshooter حلال المشاكل المرح

From red to green!! what is going on!! Funny Troubleshooter

Summary of the Problem:

Millions of British people and millions of human beings all over the world were very astonished at watching a viral video from 2020 which shows Mr. Rishi Sunak walking quickly , exiting Downing Street and clutching a mysterious ring binder!! The said strange video had reemerged and spread quickly all over the world following the official confirmation that Mr. Rishi Sunak would become the new leader of the Conservative Party and the new UK PM. The 12-second-long video has been viewed more than six million times on Twitter alone and billion times all over the world. The video shows Mr. Rishi Sunak carrying a red ring binder, a parked car blocks the view between the TV camera and Mr. Sunak for a few seconds as he walks along the pavement, Mr. Rishi Sunak appears again; but the ring binder , which he holds , has suddenly and mysteriously changed from the red colour to a green colour!!

Funny Troubleshooter حلال المشاكل المرح

Comments from the UK:
Unless someone can convincingly explain why his folder suddenly changes colour, none of us will ever truly be at peace!!
It’s official, Rishi Sunak is not only the first person of colour to become the prime minister of the United Kingdom, he is also the first UK prime minister who can “magically change the colour of ring binders”!!
Comments from the rest of the world
This must be pure Indian magic!!
Is he an Indian chameleon or what?!!

No official comment was made on the strange riddle which buzzles Britain and the rest of the world!!

Funny Troubleshooter حلال المشاكل المرح

Summary of the Solution:
It was proved that the famous British Sky News channel, which produced the video, had used montage technique and changed the colour of the ring binder from red to green as a creative gesture from its side in order to emphasize the need for a green budget and environmentally friendly green policy!! and thus the naïve accusation of using the Indian magic, which has filed been against the British New PM, Rishi Sunak has been summarily dismissed!!

Electronic wisdom: Montage and photoshop can make the biggest problem and confession and admission can solve the problem!!

Funny Troubleshooter حلال المشاكل المرح

Advocate\Faisal Ali Addabi

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