Solving the Problem of Fear from Death!!

Summary of the Problem:

Most human beings hate death, and this is definitely a natural and instinctive feeling as each living creature clings to life innately and run away from death instinctively as fast as possible if death approaches it\him\her under any circumstances, there are fathers and mothers whose sons and daughters died, there are son and daughter whose fathers and mothers died, all of them do not want to hear anything about death under any circumstances!! The major and essential problem in life is that all peoples will die at the end of the day with or without any reason , all human beings are convinced of the fact that death is a natural and firm law that applies to all human beings without exceptions, you are dead and they are dead even if your age is long but what makes the death problem less intense is the fact that the occurrence of death, death time, death place and means of death are unknown, consequently, all humans ignore death as long as life is going on . It is known that there is a wide-spread saying all over the world which states that human beings afraid of death and the main reason is that no dead person came back to life and informed the living humans of the death details if any, therefore death remains the biggest unknown in life and most peoples have great fear of that invisible unknown death which always stalks them and will snatch their souls sooner or later. The most important question which should be asked is as follows: is there any solution to the problem of death fear if we presume that death in fact constitutes the biggest problem to all or most living humans?

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Summary of the Solution:

The general presumption that any dead person never comes back to life and informs the living humans of the death details is a wrong presumption to the largest possible extent , there are many human beings, and I am personally one of them, who have been exposed to partial death trial after being involved in incidents and accidents such as drowning , fire, or car crash or risky surgical operations, those people wrote a lot about facing death and coming back to life , all humans can inform themselves of death details if they are brave enough and have the desire to do so!

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Secondly and finally: there are many articles which have been written by many persons from all over the world in which they mentioned what they saw and felt after being exposed to partial death which looks as if it is a second wonderful life, it is astonishing that most views were very identical , same sight of the dying person’s life reel consisting of childhood, youth and manhood or womanhood quickly and clearly passes in front of his\her eyes , same entering a dark tunnel and finding light at the end of the tunnel , same flying into space, same feeling of wonderful mental lucidity and absolute psychological rest which is impossible to be felt by a living human in normal life, very small number of people , who partially died , stared death in the face and came back to life by a divine miracle which cannot be interpreted by the limited human logic, confirmed that at the beginning they felt that as if they had been exposed to some torture but thereafter the saw the same beautiful death sights and experimented the same wonderful ideas, feelings and freedoms which have no resemblance in life, therefore , we must enjoy each moment of life and not be afraid of death at all.

Advocate\Faisal Ali Addabi

Funny Troubleshooter حلال المشاكل المرح

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